Edgar Gabriel’s New Christmas Album

One of the things that I like best about working on a college campus, and this is true at Harper College, is the interesting and creative people that I work with every day. We have some great musicians on this campus. Edgar Gabriel teaches in our Continuing Education program and he’s really a good teacher. But, he’s also a great artist.

Edgar Gabriel’s StringFusion has released a Christmas album called Tidings of Groove. While soedgar-gabriel-tidings-of-groove many in this genre lack any sort of inspiration String Fusion has recorded a set of songs infused with energy and spirit. You’ll hear them move stylistically from swing to smooth jazz to funk and all of it is well played by the musicians on the recording. My particular favorite is “Jolly Old Canon” which rather than being presented as a medley actually laces the melodies of Pachelbel’s Canon and Jolly Old St. Nicholas together in a haunting piece that is addicting. By the time the electric guitar enters you’ll be hooked on the rhythm and melodies. You’ll be able to sing along with a few of the classic songs that are included but there are also some lesser heard pieces, a “Dreidel Hoe Down” and even a song to “Boogie in the New Year.” This one is worth the price. Every year I buy some new Christmas music and most years I end up being disappointed. Not so this year. I recommend Tidings of Groove.


Published by

Dr. Scott Cashman

Dr. Scott leads Dr. Scott's Moonshine Band along with his accomplice Sesu Tramp of the Magic Tramps. Scott also plays with the Chicagoland Irish band Another Pint with Kelly Griner, Dan Heinz, Dorothy Shaw and Eric Bushman. Lest you think the Dr. title is strictly about music, Scott has a Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology.

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