A Whiplash Christmas III

2015 December – Here is the lineup for a Whiplash Christmas III.


“A Whiplash Christmas III” is now available – and we apologize for being soooo late this year. Great bands: Dia Tribe, Sweet Tarts, Zoul, Corpse Grinders, Joe Vicas, Orphans, Malcolm Tent, Slugs,
Dr Scott’s Moonshine Band, Poseidon’s Kiss, Sonic Supercharger 66…plus Christmas greetings & messages from: Keith West (Brats), Deb Verno (Dia Tribe), Rick Rivets, Bill Knapp & Joe Vicas (Poseidon’s Kiss), Diane Rodriguez (Sweet Tarts), Zoul, Dr Scott,
Harold C Black, Steve Schroeder (Rehab Refugees), Sesu Coleman (Magic Tramps), Andy Doback, and Santa & one of the elves, too. And, of course, our lovely cover model, Angie Pontani.

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Published by

Dr. Scott Cashman

Dr. Scott leads Dr. Scott's Moonshine Band along with his accomplice Sesu Tramp of the Magic Tramps. Scott also plays with the Chicagoland Irish band Another Pint with Kelly Griner, Dan Heinz, Dorothy Shaw and Eric Bushman. Lest you think the Dr. title is strictly about music, Scott has a Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology.

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