Christmas 2015 – The Ballad of Ebenezer Scrooge (Money Mill Colic)

Ballad of Scrooge2015 December – Tired of the same old Christmas songs? We were so we created something new, something high-energy, something unique, something that included our favorite Christmas character. Here then is a new old Christmas song based a song from the 1920s called Cotton Mill Colic which David Lindley calls Cotton Mill Blues. Some of the original lyrics have been changed up and Scrooge gets redeemed, as he should. Really, there aren’t too many Christmas songs about Scrooge. Plenty of movies but not too many songs. I don’t know that I understand that. He’s got a good story to write about. He’s an iconic figure. Maybe you’ll write a good song about him. Give it a shot! The album version will be on the upcoming A Whiplash Christmas III (Whiplash Records). We’ll let you know when that is available but we know that you’ll go to this site to get it: Whiplash Records Sales . For now enjoy The Ballad of Ebenezer Scrooge (Money Mill Colic) (Single Version)

So who plays on this, you ask?
Dr. Scott Cashman – vocals, mountain dulcimer, banjo ukulele, percussion
Sesu Coleman – percussion
Aidan Cashman (at 13 years old) – lead guitar and bass
Kelly Griner did the production, engineering and mixing


Published by

Dr. Scott Cashman

Dr. Scott leads Dr. Scott's Moonshine Band along with his accomplice Sesu Tramp of the Magic Tramps. Scott also plays with the Chicagoland Irish band Another Pint with Kelly Griner, Dan Heinz, Dorothy Shaw and Eric Bushman. Lest you think the Dr. title is strictly about music, Scott has a Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology.

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