New CD Coming on Whiplash Records

2015 January – We are thrilled to announce that our first recording will be released on Whiplash Records – The original punk label. Pass Around the Jimmy-John is the result of our going into the studio to try to capture some of the music that we had long been playing in monthly jams around the backwoods of Chicagoland. The music is centered around the rhythms that Dr. Scott and Sesu create and is heavily influenced by the sprit of Leadbelly. Oh, what is a Jimmy-John? Well, it’s the container of moonshine that we pass around at each jam, and it’s a lyric from an old fiddle tune that Leadbelly sang.


Published by

Dr. Scott Cashman

Dr. Scott leads Dr. Scott's Moonshine Band along with his accomplice Sesu Tramp of the Magic Tramps. Scott also plays with the Chicagoland Irish band Another Pint with Kelly Griner, Dan Heinz, Dorothy Shaw and Eric Bushman. Lest you think the Dr. title is strictly about music, Scott has a Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology.

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